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About the Site

Why didn’t I think of this sooner? My first name is Ken, an ordinary name. My wife’s name is Jolie. Not that common a name. Buried in her jewelry box is a script style nameplate on a necklace that bears her name. We named our son Aidan and our daughter Jade, somewhat unusual names. Thinking back to when the kids were little they got many cute baby gifts with their names printed on them. Some things were never used. We tried but could not give that stuff away. Who wants an Aidan bathrobe or a Jade hat if your name is not Aidan or Jade no matter how cute it was?

Over the years we’ve also had our fair share of autographed memorabilia. Who else but another Kenny would appreciate my Don Mattingly baseball? It got me thinking . . . maybe there are other Don Mattingly fans with the name Kenny who would covet this precious baseball as I once did.

For possessions that are personalized but no longer loved there is now ThenameXchange.com™. It’s a place where like-minded people who want to recycle their personal belongings have a place to do it. It’s a community where you can seek out others who value what you have. Perhaps you’re in the market to collect things with a particular name on it. Maybe you need a gift for someone else or want to unload that set of monogrammed towels after your divorce. Finally a marketplace dedicated to this corner of your world. Cataloged by name, initial, engraving or monogram.

Using ThenameXchange.com™ you can create a listing and upload a picture of your personalized items for everyone to view. Buy. Sell. Trade.

The community center here was started by my daughter Jade. She wanted to reach out to all the Jade’s in the world. I thought that was pretty neat. So here’s a new way to find a home for stuff with your name on it. That’s the game of the name at ThenameXchange.com™.